Below is a partial list of projects completed by Lake Services.  It illustrates our flexibility and diverse ability to handle various projects such as high-end residential lakes, tidal waters, and commercial ponds.

Reston, VA

Body of Water: Reston Dock and Bulkhead Replacement - Lake Anne Channel

In the spring of 2020, Lake Services was contracted by Reston Association to perform several projects on Lake Anne.  The first major project was to remove the existing dock structure located with the pavilion area of the lake that was built in the 1070’s.  Lake Services removed the decking and support brackets from the existing structure, dredged the areas under and around the remaining dock and removed approximately 750 cu yds of sediment build-up.  Once the dredging was complete, the dock was reinstalled using all new marine grade lumber and hardware.

Lake Services also removed and replaced a failing 275’ bulkhead, and upgraded the design to insure it would meet the newer county code requirements.  Hydraulically dredged the channel to remove an estimated 1,000 cu yds of sediment.

Lake Anne Dock & Bulkhead

Lake Anne Dock & Bulkhead

Hampton, VA

Body of Water: Salt Ponds Inlet Channel off Chesapeake Bay

In October 2019,  Lake Services was subcontracted to dredge the Salt Ponds Inlet Channel located off the Chesapeake Bay.  Approximately 12,000 cu yds of sediment was dredged and transferred to beach area for placement and grading.

Salt Pond

Salt Ponds

Salt Ponds

Reston Association, Reston VA

Body of Water: Lake Anne, Lake Thoreau, Lake Audubon, Lake Newport

Lake Services has dredged the Association’s four lakes on multiple occasions. Average volume mechanically removed was 5,000 to 15,000 Cubic Yards (CY) per lake. All of these lakes are surrounded by exclusive private homes and businesses. When working in established private communities, our goal is to have the least possible impact on the day to day activities of the property owners. Our repeat customers, such as the Reston Association, bear witness to our success.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, MD

Body of Water: Potomac River

Lake Services has performed multiple projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers. This particular project was located at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (Formerly Bolling Air Force Base) in Washington, DC. Lake Services dredged 13,000 CY of sediment from the base’s US Coast Guard Station and recreational marina. The removed material was trucked 141 miles each way to the approved disposal facility.

City of Alexandria, VA

Body of Water: Potomac River

Dredged the City-owned Marinas in front of, and around the Torpedo Factory, on the historic waterfront within the Old Town section of Alexandria. Over the years, Lake Services has performed dredging on these municipal properties 4 times. The average dredge volume was approximately 20,000 Cubic Yards (CY). Lake Services also dredged many of the private marinas in the vicinity.

Columbia Association, Columbia, MD

Body of Water: Lake Wilde

A new customer, Lake Services completed dredging on Lake Wilde during the Winter/Spring of 2018. Lake Wilde is surround by exclusive private homes and townhomes. The project included mechanical dredging and disposal of 20,000 CY of dredge material; and construction of a Living Shoreline.

Fairfax County, Fairfax, VA

Body of Water: Lake Barton

Project included the mechanical dredging and disposal of 28,000 CY of material; and numerous landscaping/ beautification projects around the Lake. The lake had a submerged sewer line within close tolerance of the project’s dredge limits increasing the precision dredging and boat work required.

City of Virginia Beach, VA

Body of Water: Salem Lake, Lynnhaven Inlet/Chesapeake Bay

Maintenance dredged 15,500 CY of sediment at Salem Lake as part of an overall dredging and shoreline stabilization/improvement project.

Dredged 14,000 CY to provide access for the McLean Contracting’s construction barges during the building of the new Lesner Bridge at the mouth of Lynnhaven Inlet in Virginia Beach. While an unrelated project, this dredging, and the project at Salem Lake above were accomplished simultaneously.

Anne Arundel County, MD

Body of Water: Mill Creek, Duvall Creek, Sloop Cove, Ely Cove, Long Cove

Dredged the designated navigational channels for Anne Arundel County. As an aside, we also dredged a number of spurs for private homeowners adjacent to those channels. Volumes varied on each project.

Idlewilde DMP – recovered 40,000 CY of material and moved to Anne Arundel County Landfill, to make room for future dredge material disposal. Lake Services built the disposal area at the Anne Arundel Landfill, as well.

Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority, GA

Body of Water: Dog River Reservoir

Dredging and disposal of 65,000 CY of material from the Dog River Reservoir in Douglasville, GA. In order to dredge this reservoir using floating equipment, Lake Services raised the level of reservoir to accommodate. This is a solution Lake Services has used on multiple occasions to increase daily production and reduce the project cost to the customer. This practice often requires Lake Services to construct temporary risers/ dams, and constant monitoring and adjustment during the project.

Dominion Electric Corporation, VA

Body of Water: Industrial Ash Ponds at Possum Point Power Station

Dredging and disposal of material from the Dominion Electric Possum Point Power Stations’ industrial ash ponds.