About Lake Services

Over 30 years experience providing innovative, efficient inland and tidal dredging

Lake Services was founded in 1986 to provide quality dredging to the Mid-Atlantic. During that 30+ year history, our processes and purpose built equipment have been refined to provide unparalleled, high value, mobile dredging solutions for projects throughout the East Coast and adjoining states.

Mechanical Dredging Advantage

Mechanical dredging has the distinct advantage of removing primarily dense solids (generally 75-85% solids) from the water bottom allowing the dredge spoil to be readily trucked or barged to a local or more distant disposal site. Whereas the alternative - hydraulic dredging, requires the material to be mixed into a highly liquid slurry to be pumped. The content of the slurry may only be 10% - 15% solids; and generally requires the material to be pumped through pipes to a large, dedicated, purpose built containment area to dewater. That containment area is ideally within ½ mile of the dredge site to facilitate pumping efficiencies; and reduce the deployment and maintenance of huge lengths of expensive dredge pipe.

Long Reach and Low Draft – making the inaccessible accessible

In addition to the mechanical dredging advantages mentioned above, our 28’ wide low draft Rig Barges coupled with our Long Front Excavators (with 60’ reach), and low draft 14’ wide material barges, allow us to dredge remote and shallow areas inaccessible to most dredge companies without significant compromise. Boat slips, narrow canals and channels are easily handled.

Minimal Footprint – low impact, professional result

60’ reach Long Front Offloading Excavators simplify the transfer of dredge material from the material barges to sealed dump trucks for no mess transportation to offsite disposal locations. The fact that we have many repeat customers from high profile waterfront housing developments, HOAs and municipalities speaks to our professionalism, work site cleanliness, and small footprint, low impact processes during dredge cycles.

Mobile, Efficient, Agile – high value

Mobile equipment that can be trucked to virtually any road accessed location; insuring flexible deployment when and where required. Our equipment was also designed for easy launching and recovery, further reducing mobilization/ demobilization costs and site access requirements.