Inland Dredging

Thirty years of success, fulfilling the often unique requirements of dredging and materials disposal on inland waters.  Our self-launching mobile fleet of equipment; efficient processes; compact footprint; attention to minimizing the day to day impact of the dredging process; and concern for the environment; help to insure a positive result for all concerned.  Our list of repeat customers bears witness.


  • Residential, Commercial and Government-owned Lakes & Ponds
  • Reservoirs and Dams
  • Impoundments, Industrial Sediment Ponds & Stormwater Ponds
  • Marinas, Launching Areas and other Waterfront Facilities

Marine Dock Installation/Repair & Boat Lift Installation

Turn-key solutions for all your residential waterfront projects. We offer new construction, repair and demolition on docks and service and repair on boat lifts. We provide free estimates and designs, and if needed will get your project permitted for the most efficient service possible.

Residential, HOA and Commercial Projects

  • New Dock Construction: Fixed an Floating
  • Pile Driving
  • Bulkhead Installation and Repair
  • Boat Lift Installation
  • Living Shoreline
  • Riprap Installation and Repair
  • Demolition

Tidal Dredging

Our home territory, the Mid-Atlantic is blessed with thousands of miles of tidal waterways. Erosion, development, environmental corrections, commerce and recreation, to name a few, drive a constant need for tidal dredging in the region.  Lake Services’ processes, equipment and personnel are particularly adept at dredging any project were access is limited or remote; dredge areas are shallow, narrow or otherwise restricted.  Our methods allow for the dredged material to be barged nearby, or trucked to a distant disposal area.  In addition, our low draft Material Barges, Rig Barges and Barge Tenders are less affected by tidal depth changes allowing efficient uninterrupted production.

Operating Areas

  • Bays
  • Rivers
  • Creeks
  • Lagoons
  • Inlets
  • Canals
  • Channels
  • Marinas
  • Government, Commercial and Residential developments

Turnkey Operation

Lake Services can manage all aspects of the project; from initial survey; to dredging and disposal.  We can work with our customers on long range dredge management plans. 

Other Services

  • Disposal Site Construction, Dike Raising, and Management
  • Project Consulting, Planning and Management
  • Floating and Submerged Debris Removal from Reservoirs, Dams and other Waterways
  • Other Project Related Marine Construction